Friday, February 12, 2010

Well.... I'm back.

It's been a good couple of months, huh? I feel like I've just gotten back from vacation only to realize that my house is completely trashed. Soo I guess I'll just explain what's been going on.

I've kind of been on this strange little side quest of self discovery. I don't know if this happens to you guys but I tend to get to this point where I'm hitting a wall, and then I slowly go into a spiral of self doubt and then I'm just doing something else for an extended period of time. Between the search for a job, trying to keep busy to avoid the fact that I want to get out of my current situation, and the lack of interaction with other artistic people aside from a once-monthly artist meeting group I've just kind of been in a bit of a rut.

It's enough crap to pretty much weigh down any hopes and dreams you have. I know it did mine. I do have to say that while I've been artistically out to lunch, I've been busting ass with trying to get my stagnant little gaming blog back on track, which got me back into wanting to update this blog. The problem with that, though is I still can't find the cables i need for the scanner so I can put up what I've been working on. (it's always something huh? )

I decided to post up some images I've been working on in watercolor for Solar Bomb (they look wayyy better in person). I'm still working out the details for this story, and I'm kind of reworking the story to make the characters fit in the world more. Meanwhile, the four page comic I did for Missles and Diamonds (the first attempt, not the current one) was sent to some friends in VA for an anthology project there and now I'm possibly looking into making that into a full fledged series. I'll have some character designs to show you guys soon.


Kirsten said...

Yayyy! You started updating again!

xxsp!racy said...

yeah I finally found my scanner cord, and pulled my cranium from it's rectal housing lol.