Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I come bearing halves of gifts.

So during December I got involved in the christmas gift-trade on Gargabox, and Had been tasked with sending a gift to another artist. After a good solid month or so of speculation, trial and error, and a few of some of the worst snow storms in Nebraska, I managed to get it completed and sent out. Now I can't show you the present itself until Dorke gets it, however I can show the bonus gift I included for her currently passed birthday.

Originally I wanted to do a four page layout of final boss kefka and his monument to non existence, however I'm a perfectionist, and if one part sucks then it all sucks. So i decided to go with another video games favorite. That of Viewiful Joe.

Now that i managed to reassmble my scanner I am offically back and ready to rock faces. Let's get it awnnnn!

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