Saturday, June 27, 2009

change of pace. change of face...

I've been playing The Conduit for the past couple of days and, I really enjoy this game. The computer is freaking relentless in single player and the online multiplayer modes are pretty sweet as well.

The really funny part was that Kevin Sorbo plays the voice of "Prometheus" the terrorist leader. The whole time i'm playing I'm thinking "why does that voice sound so familiar."

I've been looking at the blog and I wanted to change up the header so i did this drawing after searching google aimlessly for images that tie into the title. after looking for concussions and skulls, and head trauma, I finally settled on the good old fashioned punch to the face.

I don't really think i ever explained why i named this blog "Concussive blows to the head" well.. let's just say I like non sequitir names. I did a comic in highschool about interracial relationships called "Ceramic bong" but there was some bit of symbolism there with the main characters meeting in a pottery class. I wish i knew where that was I'd post it up. I think i left it in storage at my parents. lol

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