Sunday, March 29, 2009

Art Excursion Extravaganza!!

We went out to lunch at Ruby Tuesday at Pembroke, and decided to go to Michaels to check out brushes, and various art supplies. Anyone who has been to a Michaels arts and crafts knows that most of the time you go in there the supplies are plentiful, yet pricey. I mentioned that we should probably check out Jerry's Artarama, since I've heard tons of good things about the place from fellow artists. Let's just say that I'm glad we did.

After two failed attempts to find the place via directions given to us by one of the staff, we resorted to using mapquest via Corrie's mobile phone, and we all had our minds blown. I got two Strathmore Bristol packs for the cost of one at Michaels, and some white charcoal pencils, a mini drawing pad, and I got some canvases for my Mom's acrylic paintings since they were so cheap.

I even bought some Ink and quill pens and nibs, because obviously since they were affordable I can actually experiment with new mediums. That's when it hit me. If Jerry's has prices this low, why isn't Michaels trying to compete with them by dropping some of their already high costs? Better question; why isn't there a Jerry's in Norfolk or closer? gah!!!

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