Monday, June 30, 2008

Faces... again?

Training, training. I'm always training. It seems that I am an expert at preparation, and a novice at completion. I could probably write a entire paper on this, as it seems to echo throughout my own personal life, as it does my working habits. Trust me I'm working to fix the situation. After talking to a friend a couple of weeks ago, I think I've even pinpointed where the issue started with, But I'm not here to bore you with insight into my own flawed psyche. We're here to talk art and what I'm working on.

Face training... My faces are improving a little. I'm starting to incorporate more proportion and have gained a bit more insight into the complexities of the human face. I feel like with each new face I'm more comfortable with my drawing style and where it's heading. I still lust for perfection, though.

I'm meeting up with the writers of "The end of the World Guard" tomorrow to discuss the details of the location of the comic, and to show off some more characters. In our last meeting we talked about perhaps making a sketchblog for the comic showing the concept drawings, and the character sheets for the book as well as some location shots. I'll let you guys know what's going on with that.

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