Thursday, June 12, 2008

face training

So I've been drawing up characters left and right for this comic, and i reached a stumbling block. I tend to have issues where I'll draw females, and then i'll stop drawing for a while, and then i start up again and it's like the knowledge of the human female completely eludes me.

Soooo It's back to the drawing board. I'm drawing up female heads, and actually having a good time doing it.

if you look carefully you'll notice that some of them might remind you of people you've seen. The one head in the center looks like the crazy religious lady from Trading Spouses. Or how the one head by the grinning lady at the bottom looks like a female Kaioshin from DBZ. Crazy huh?

I also would like to point out that any resemblances to persons alive or dead are purely coincidental.

- LeWayne

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