Saturday, May 29, 2010

One small step for me...

Well not that much of a milestone, but I've pretty much reached the first cliffhanger to Solar Bomb, which is pretty awesome. Seeing your work actually materialize into something you can actually show to other people just gives you a serious sense of accomplishment. Soo to be nice. I'm going to show off two pages that I've been working on.

Just two, but enough to know that I'm not just sitting around on my thumbs. My goal currently is to create enough pages to make a buffer to keep a steady flow.. well that and finish off the prelude to the main story while plotting out what will happen during the rest of this first story arc.

If you're wondering. yes, Vectoring  can be time consuming and difficult, but I've been doing it for five years so you tend to get better and better as you go.That's the cool thing about art, though. If you want to create something you have an unlimited amount of ways of doing it. In my case it's just putting my graphic design skills to good use.

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