Thursday, May 13, 2010

I've settled on a style.

I spent the last month and a half trying to figure out what type of style I want to go for with Solar Bomb, but the answer was right underneath my nose. As I'm sitting in the school auditorium for my niece's graduation rehearsal something kind of just went off in my brain; "Why not digitally paint the backgrounds and use flash to create cel styled characters? " The result would be a webcomic with a cartoon heart.

It'll probably take a bit of  time for background creation depending on the scenes, but the plus side is that I can always reuse what I have, and I can go from pencils to vectors pretty quickly and doing them as flats would simplify the process even more. Another plus is that any of the issues I had by trying to ink currently done pages can be fixed on the vector end as well since I have no french curve or proper circular stenciling tools at the moment. anything to get me making comics is a win.

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