Sunday, April 25, 2010

Plans, expectations and admirations.

I've been doing a  lot of contemplation about my future as an artist, and I've pretty much come to the conclusion that if I want to get into a future of character design for video games I'm going to have to pull a really impressive portfolio out of my ass! I mean what I have so far through this blog, and what I post on forums and DeviantArt is by no means bad, Just that it's not really a representation of the hot blooded awesome bubbling inside of me.  So I basically want to devote a bit more time to doing some illo (illustration) work and character designs, while making an online and disc based portfolio for distribution. Yeah, I think I can manage that. So let's talk about some fun stuff .

While trying to reinvent myself, I stumbled upon this site called which has been a pretty epic find for some good splatter brushes as well as some sweet grunge textures.  The best find was the 101 essential brushstrokes

Definitely something that I want to use in future works.

Also thanks to Shinkiro's artwork for Marvel Vs Capcom 3,  and some peeks at Daigo Ikeno's artwork for Street Fighter III: Third Strike and Super Street Fighter IV, I've been back in my whole fighting game art admiration phase, which brings us back to the first part of this blog: My Weekly project.

 I'm going to basically do a week-long art jam based on random themes in order to improve my character design skills and up my production of finished pieces. I've done this before back in 2003 where I aimed to create one finished piece a day  for 30 days, which resulted in 30 pieces (more than enough for a portfolio and resulted in being hired onto my former job), Sooo It would be a good move to try to repeat the process. This week's theme will be to create five characters for a Fighting game (seven maximum). The rules are that the pieces have to be finished (colored), and the coloring style has be the same for all characters to show that I can be consistent in design.

That's pretty much my goal for this week. Sorry for the artless art blog post, but I figured I'd show off some cool pics to make up for me going on about boring stuff.

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