Monday, April 5, 2010

Peek at my Processes

Busy busy busy these days. Going through pages, redrawing pages, and trying to get some cover designs going. I spent yesterday drawing up thumb nails for cover ideas and settled on about five designs out of  eight. This is the first drawing from this series of covers. Basically Sol will be added to the shot, but I just wanted to focus on the Bombah portion of the piece.

Notice that when I have everything planned out the pencils are that much tighter.

So the pencils get scanned in and I spend a couple of hours working on the piece in PS7 Currently it's still work in progress, but I'm also playing with a few styles before I find a happy medium, so to speak. I'm pleased with this for the most part. I do see a bunch of mistakes that need to be fixed. Not finished yet, but I'm shooting to have it done before I go to bed tonight.

I'm doing some promo stuff so I can at least generate some interest in Sol and Bombah while I'm working towards getting an adequate number of chapters done before I start. Well enough babbling. back to work!

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