Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why I didn't submit my M&D comic.

So I didn't submit my Missiles and Diamonds comic submission for two good reasons. 1: I only came up for an idea for what I wanted to do right at the deadline, and 2: Submitting rushed work only makes your credibility look like utter shit, unless you got it like that.

I've been trying to push this overwhelming desire of mine out of my head that I should be working on a video game. However after my brief stint of reading Sean Malstrom's blog, taking some advice from gamers of the GoNintendo community, and my current obsession with Rondo of blood, I decided WTH. So I'll be making and showing off spritework for this game currently titled "Project Blaque". which will have some heavy castlevania inflences of it's own, but enough stuff going on where it won't just be flat out biting.

These are the first two enemy sprite designs. I'm keeping it simple and doing the lesser enemies first then bosses then stages. I might be asking for help, but I want to accomplish as much as I can on my own, first. Enjoy.

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