Friday, October 16, 2009

Just to let people know that I'm alive.....

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been around much. I really wanted to post more, but with my computer currently out of commission (yes again.) I've kind of been low teching it.

To give an update I am currently computerless, but I'm a chapter and a half in with scripting for my new comic Solar Bomb. I'm excited for this. I can't give away too many details, since right now everything is in a state of flux, however I am not without a few promotional images


Who are these guys, and what adventures await them? are they friends foes, romantically involved? (i chuckled a bit as i typed that.)

We shall find out very soon.

have a great weekend, guys.


Jonathan Gouin said...

that last dude looks killer bro.

Jonathan Gouin said...

that last dude looks killer.

xxsp!racy said...

thanks. I can't wait to show what he's capable of doing.