Friday, August 14, 2009

Channeling Bengus.

The SF jam on gingerbox is going very well. I'm pretty happy with what i've done so far. My new plan is to basically create and distribute an art book for cons and to sell on the interwebs. I think this would be a major first step towards turning pro.

Zangief. I call myself "channeling Bengus" with this one. Mostly because I'm taking the sketch to color finish, and I'm trying to use the same color scheme as he did for the his Zangief art. I found that I have this newfound respect for Bengus' Capcom works, and I want to expand on that by doing some more capcom fan work. Damn. who would of thought that a jam would get me that into fanart.

PS: yeah if you're a "child of the 80's" like myself. you'll notice the big Nikta Koloff inspiration for this piece. Also note the inclusion of "Mean" Gene Okerlund for added 80's goodness.


Rario said...

Hey there.

Gotta say I am loving this drawing of the Gief in a singlet. I'm a massive street fighter fan and without sounding biased I appreciate your art and style a lot. Keep it up :)

xxsp!racy said...

thanks alot!! It's comments like this that make me feel like I'm doing something right.