Monday, March 9, 2009

Sketch and a movie

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, we wound up with our internet down. I learned a valuable lesson over those two weeks.. No internet and no forums make homer something something. You know It's been approximately 12 years since I've discovered the internet, and you never really understand how deeply it fits into your daily routine.

No Podcasts to listen to at work, no 24 hour news source via Digg (I don't believe in cable.) No internet forums to both flex your knowledge of the history of video games, and argue artistic philosophy, and the remake movie versus the original.

I had to keep myself busy during this trying time, So i came up with this sketch jam idea. Basically you grab your favorite dvd watch it and draw the characters or scenes from the movie as they play out. You can stop the movie if you need to get the details worked out, but you have to watch the movie form start to finish. This should leave you with at least a half of page of artwork or a full page depending on how into the movie and it's characters you are.

I spend a week doing this, so Every day for the rest of this week I'll be posting my results.

Monday's movie, which was my personal favorite: The Last Dragon.

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