Tuesday, December 30, 2008

stakes is high

I'm sick of bitches shakin' asses
I'm sick of talkin' about blunts,
Sick of Versace glasses,
Sick of slang,
Sick of half-ass awards shows,
Sick of name brand clothes.
Sick of R&B bitches over bullshit tracks,
Cocaine and crack
Which brings sickness to blacks,
Sick of swoll' head rappers
With their sicker-than raps
Clappers and gats
Makin' the whole sick world collapse
The facts are gettin' sick
Even sicker perhaps
Stickabush to make a bundle to escape this synapse'

I started listening to "stakes is high" by De La Soul earlier tonight and these lines hold true even now. Corrie had the radio on last night and it played the top 100 songs from this year. and yeah I really miss socially conscious rap. I also think the vocoder and protools should be banned from use in any mainstream music for the next decade. Hey this is a 30 year old bitching about the state of music. I'm sure your opinion differs, but this is how i feel right now.

it's almost 2009. Do or Die. I'm sick of the bullcrap I want something more. I have to get better and I have to put some content out there, before I drown into obscurity.

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