Monday, December 8, 2008

Akumetsu is........

I've decided to blog about artistic things that inspire me as well as posting my art. I feel like the less i'm really able to show, the less I tend to post on here, so sometimes there will be inspirational art and links for viewer consumption, Sometimes I'll be blogging about my personal issues and sometimes I'll have my usual brand of sketches and artistic goodtimes. I want whoever is reading this to at least feel like they know me to some degree.

Akumetsu was recommended on the Seqalab podcast which is the offical sequential art podcast of the Savannah College of Art and Design. I heard the art was fantastic, and the story is about a future Japan in debt thanks to the greedy CEOs, and the vigilante who makes them pay. (yeah it does sound a bit familiar, doesn't it? ) The beauty of this comic is that ultimately Akumetsu is killing the CEOs and embezzlers to save the economy. I guess he should of just considered running for congress, huh? Check it out on

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