Thursday, January 24, 2008

He's back!!! the man behind the mask!!!

Moar doodlez. On the left you can tell I was just bsing around, but as you go towards the right I started doing updates of my favorite characters. From top to bottom: The Arachnid who was like Deadpool and Spider-man with a hint of Bruce Wayne, Mr Stickley, who was the main villain in the infamous Bagheaded vigilante guy comics. The BVG himself, with a updated look for his main sidekick and target for abuse, Clarence. So I actually want to try my hand at a BVG revival series, done in the way of a "dark knight returns" parody. I'll have to talk to my friend Justin since I consider him Co-creator. He would always throw these random ideas out and then I'd just expand on them and the combination seemed like the formula for awesome.

if things work out, this may be the basis for my Zuda comics debut

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