Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Putting Perspective in perspective

So after the 3 pages of doom post I got a few tips and decided to up my training. I have a working knowledge of anatomy, I have faces and hands down to a tolerable level ( still needs a bit of work)
It's time to brush up on my Perspective.

Perspective is important. One of the major keys to successful images, and integral to doing background images. These are some concept shots of "the Item shoppe" Aikman's gaming specialty store. The reference is half internet shots of stores and strip mall layouts, and the other half is past knowledge of my brief stint of working for Gamestop.

Aikman owns the shop, and has various gaming enthusiasts who help him run it. This works out since when AO needs to make an appearance he can always ask them to help keep things tight while he's out.

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Andre Szymanowicz said...

These are great!
Getting this down does you a world of good when you go to draw backgrounds for comics.